Gyrokinetic Vlasov Code Including Full Three-dimensional Geometry of Experiments

沼波, 政倫 1; 渡辺, 智彦 2; 洲鎌, 英雄 3
Nunami, Masanori 1; Watanabe, Tomo-Hiko 2; Sugama, Hideo 3

1 核融合科学研究所; 2 核融合科学研究所; 3 核融合科学研究所
1 National Institute for Fusion Science; 2 National Institute for Fusion Science; 3 National Institute for Fusion Science

Research Report NIFS Series

ISSN:ISSN 0915-633X
National Institute for Fusion Science
Abstract: A new gyrokinetic Vlasov simulation code, GKV-X, is developed for investigating the turbulent transport in magnetic confinement devices with non-axisymmetric configurations. Effects of the magnetic surface shapes in a three-dimensional equilibrium obtained from the VMEC code are accurately incorporated. Linear simulations of the ion temperature gradient instabilities and the zonal flows in the Large Helical Device (LHD) [ 0. Motojima, N. Oyabu, A. Komori et al., Nucl. Fusion 43, 1674 (2003) ] configuration are carried out by the GKV-X code for a benchmark test against the GKV code [ T.-H. Watanabe and H. Sugama, Nucl. Fusion 46, 24 (2006)]. The frequency, the growth rate, and the mode structure of the ion temperature gradient instability are influenced by the VMEC geometrical data such as the metric tensor components of the Boozer coordinates for high poloidal wave numbers, while the difference between the zonal flow responses obtained by the GKV and GKV-X codes is found to be small in the core LHD region.
文献種別 Preprint
キーワード gyrokinetic simulation, ITG mode, zonal flow, LHD, VMEC equilibrium
資料番号 AA0064635000
レポート番号 NIFS-959
SHI-NO AA0064635
KIJ-NO 000
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